[Image 1]
Reciprocating saw for game used. Modeled in Blender and textured in Quixel.

[Image 2]
Revolver – Modeled for real-time game used. Using Blender and Quixel

[image 3]
Sledge hammer – Modeled for game use, low and high poly version.

[image 4]
Currency exchange store designed and modeled. Approx 500 tris

[image 5]
Glass puncher

[image 6]
Cargo crane created for simulation game – diffuse map, unlit mode

[image 7]
Low poly fire extinguisher. As the requirement was to only use diffuse map as textures. Thus, I painted the shadow and reflection onto the diffuse map

[image 8]
My scope of work for this dolly was unwrapped and textured