[Image 1]
Submission for the “Unity community art challenge” in June 2016. The theme is “Hybrid” and I’ve designed and created “Cowmera”, a hybrid between a cow and camera.

[Image 2-3]
Pirate Bart – Bart was designed to be a semi-stylized experienced pirate character. Inspiration came from steam punk art and monster truck.
Software: Low poly modeling done in Autodesk Maya, high poly modeling and maps generation done in Zbrush. Baked using Xnormal.
Poly count: 8k tris

[Image 4-6]
Sky Engineer – I always like steam punk art and this model was designed based on an idea of a girl Sky Engineer who repairs robots. Modeled and textured with Maya and, Zbrush. Poly painted in Zbrush.


3d modeling, texturing